Q- What is a psychiatrist?

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor with specialized training in diagnosing and treating emotional problems and mental illness.

Q- What kind of conditions does a psychiatrist treat?

Psychiatrists treat individuals in distress because of various difficulties, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, psychosis, and some types of behavioral problems, such as those involving self-destructive or violent impulses. People who are seriously thinking of suicide can be helped. A number of emotional and mental difficulties are influenced by physical conditions; as a physician, a psychiatrist is in a position to take account of such conditions and coordinate overall care.

Q- What kind of treatment is provided? Do psychiatrists only give out medication?

Atlanta Behavioral Medicine INC Psychiatry staff conduct assessments to determine the best treatment plan and can prescribe medication for psychiatric illnesses and other situations requiring medication intervention. Psychotropic medications are useful and appropriate for conditions, like severe depression, bipolar disorder, and psychosis.

Q- What do I need to bring with me to my first visit?

please bring your insurance card, patient forms found on our website (Form's page.), Any previous records in your possession.
In case of children and adolescent, if you are not the parent, then any guardianship paperwork, your ID, if your discharge from the hospital your discharge paperwork, and if you are on any medications your medication bottles, Or list of your medications, And your co-pay, we do accept MasterCard, Visa, personal checks and cash.

Q- Are your psychiatric services covered by my insurance plan?

We are the members of most HMO/ PPO insurance plan. Many insurance policies provide out of network benefits that reimburse our services to varying degrees. Please check with our office to find out about the coverage for your specific insurance.
Please click here to view our accepted insurance list.

Q- How soon can I make an initial appointment?

We are dedicated to offering an appointment time as soon as possible, often within a day of your call.
Please click here for Appointment in Rosswell.
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Q- What are your hours?

We have office hours Monday through Friday. In some cases Early morning and late evening appointments are available as well.

Q- Where are you located?

Our offices are located at 2 different convenient locations , 1902 Macy Drive Roswell GA, 30076 and 2150 Peachford Rd Atlanta GA 30338. Click here for complete Contact information.

Q- What is your policy on privacy and confidentiality?

We offer a safe and confidential environment and follow strict HIPPA guidelines

Q- What can I expect during my first appointment?

We are interested in getting to know each patient individually so that we can understand their concerns and how these problems are currently affecting their lives. Once this process is accomplished, we will design a treatment plan and engage in addressing the problem.

What questions should I ask about my medication?

  • What is the name of the medication, and what is it supposed to do?
  • How and when do I take it, and when do I stop taking it?
  • What if I miss a dose?
  • What foods, drinks, or other medications should I avoid while taking the prescribed medication?
  • Should it be taken with food or on an empty stomach?
  • Is it safe to drink alcohol while on this medication?
  • What are the side effects, and what should I do if they occur?
  • Is there some printed information about the medication available?
  • What are my options?

Q- What if I am running out of medication?

You should call the medical provider who is currently prescribing your medication to obtain additional prescriptions. If this is not possible and you will run out of medication before you are scheduled to see an ABM INC Psychiatry practitioner, you may be able to get a one-time refill by calling your pharmacy or another doctor who has treated you. If not, contact ABM INC for an initial assessment and let the Office know your situation. We cannot guarantee that we can provide your specific prescriptions urgently, so do plan ahead.


Q- I feel sad, tired and I do not have energy. Is that normal?

No, If you have these feeling for a long period of time, you may be suffering from depression or other mood disorders.

Q- I am having trouble with my child. What do I need to do?

WE have child psychiatrist in our practice, which can evaluate the child and can recommend best possible treatment options.

Q- My teen got distant all of a sudden. Do I need to schedule a doctor's appointment for her/him?

The can be symptoms of possible depression in children and adolescent which is treatable condition.

What if I am currently experiencing an emergency?

The caIf you are experiencing a life-threatening condition or medical emergency, please call 911. You can also call our After Hours Service on evenings, weekends, and holidays at 404-410-6737 or 404-410-6479

For after-hours non life threatening emergencies, you can also call Peachford hospital assessment 770 -454-2302 or can go to Peachford hospital assessment and can be assessed by qualified counselor free of charge 24 hours a day 7 days a wee. If you need admission then ask the counselor to be admitted under Dr Ahmad service.n be symptoms of possible depression in children and adolescent which is treatable condition.

Disclaimer- The information on this website is for information but not intended to be a diagnoses or a treatment.Proper diagnoses and treatment require entering into a psychiatrist-patient relationship and the specialized care that would follow.